Boot Width Guide: How to Buy the Right Size Boots


Boots that fit right soon become an old friend, but if you’re not familiar with boot width lingo, the sizing can get confusing. This boot width guide is designed to help you choose the right width of boot every time, especially when you’re buying online. Boots that are too large will rub and chafe. Boots that are too small with pinch and hurt. Follow this guide to get the fit just right.

Step 1: Get to Know Boot Fit

Correctly sized boots should feel snug but not tight. Boots should be small enough to keep your feet from moving around too much in your boots, but if your foot slides into a boot too easily, the boots are likely too large. While you don’t want your feet swimming around, it is normal for your heel to slip some in a brand new pair of boots. This is due to the soles being so stiff on a brand new pair of boots. They will flex and form to your feet over time.

Step 2: Get to Know Width Sizing


A boot width guide in the U.S. looks like this:

Cowboy Boot Width Guide

AAA is the most narrow, progressing through AA, A, B, and so on through EEE, the most wide size.

For women’s boots, a B width is standard, A is a narrow, and C is wide width.

For men, D width is standard, B is narrow, and EE or EW is wide.


Step 3: Get to Know Boot Brands

Boot width varies some by boot-maker, but it’s still easy to get a great fit when buying online if you have the right information. For example, we can tell you that Justin boots have a higher arch support than Dan Post boots, and that Tony Lama boots run narrow. Handmade boots like Lucchese have a different feel than more higher quantity brands like Ariat or Justin. And of course, custom boots offer slight fit variations in each individual pair. When in doubt, a teensy bit big is always a safe bet. Insoles can do wonders to customize the fit of an off-the-rack pair of boots!

Fit Guides for Popular Boot Brands:

Roper: True to size.

Frye: True to size.

Laredo: True to size.

Dan Post: True to size.

Old Gringo: True to size.

Lucchese:  Narrow around the in-step; true to size, unless concerned about width; order a 1/2 size larger if so.

Tony Lama: True to size.

Nocona: True to size.

Justin: Usually run a bit larger. True to size or 1/2 size smaller.

Ariat: Usually run a bit larger. True to size or 1/2 size smaller.

Corral: Run narrow around the in-step; order 1/2 size larger than normal shoe size.

Durango: True to size.