Brand Love: Release Me Creations

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Jewelry has always been a way to express one’s self through fashion. For some, like Release Me Creations’ founder and designer, Maureen, it’s a way to deal with life’s hardest trials.

Release Me Creations

Release Me Creations began in 2008 as a way to help Maureen deal with her father’s cancer diagnosis, and eventual passing. It was an incredibly difficult time for her seeing him endure such a battle, and she was struggling to keep ahead of the sadness, anger, and frustration. One morning Maureen was suddenly was overwhelmed with the need to make jewelry. Her aesthetic is edgy yet polished; raw but still whimsical!

See for yourself why we love this brand so much:

Just breathe. Sometimes we just need a little reminder.

Pyrite bead necklace. Simplicity is often as beautiful as statement pieces.

Quartz crystal necklace. This unique necklace features a faceted clear Tibetan Quartz Crystal wrapped in anti-tarnish gold.

 This gorgeous cuff bracelet features tiny micro-faceted Moonstones in Peach, Gray and white colors arranged to create an ombre effect.

This incredible statement ring features a large Apophyllite Crystal that sits atop a 24k Gold plated hammered ring band.


Colorful earrings feature Turquoise blue howlite spikes that dangle down from a wrapped Pink Agate bead. We love the whimsy of these earrings!