Check Out the Most Interesting Gift We’ve Found This Week

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If you’ve ever had a gourmet cupcake you know they are not the same cupcakes your mama made for your birthday every year. They are actually quite different. In fact, gourmet cupcakes are little gifts from dessert heaven with their delicious cake and uniquely flavored frostings that make you smile when you see one.

You can imagine how excited we were to find you can actually order one of these treats and have it shipped. In a mason jar. And to make that news even better, it’s not just one cupcake, it’s 1.5 cupcakes!

See how pretty they are? Who wouldn’t want to receive one of these for Christmas? We sure would — hint, hint.

Going home for Thanksgiving make sure to stop in and grab our Cupcake in a Jars to take to all your friends and family!

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Image Source: Instagram/@blisscupcakenwa