Curvy Girl’s Guide to Layering


The layered trend is still a hot look this fall so it would do you well to learn how to master it, especially if you happen to be a curvy girl. Done wrong, layering can leave you looking like a frump-fest and no one wants that! But done right, a layered can accentuate your best assets while distracting from those you don’t love quite as much!

Here are eight simple tips for a perfect layered look:

1. Structured pieces. This is probably the single most important point to remember. Choosing a jacket or blouse with a tucked waist will give the appearance of a waistline.

2. Simple. Stay away from the billowy and fabric-heavy layers. Remember you are adding texture and color, not bulk. Let’s be particularly careful to not add bulk where bulk isn’t needed.

3. Lightweight pieces. If you do decide to choose a bulkier top layer such as a faux fur vest, choose something lightweight to wear under it.

4. Balance. You won’t be able to do head-to-toe heavy layers so if you choose a flowing pant, your top layers should be lighter and vice-versa. This keeps you you from looking like the Micheline Tire Man.

5. Contrasting colors are your friends. Use light and dark to your advantage. You can create a silhouette where the two opposing colors meet. You can also use dark colors to conceal problem areas while a lighter color will highlight your assets.

6. Limits. This is true for anyone rocking the layered look, but a limit of three layers is plenty.

7. Simple accessories. View layers as accessories. Let them be the focal point of your ensemble with simple pieces of jewelry as accents.

8. Foundation. Start with a simple piece and build outward. A dress with a slim silhouette or a blouse with a fitted jean are perfect building blocks to a layered look!