Custom Foundation Made By Robots Is Pretty Much The Future Of Makeup


We’ve all had that issue of not knowing quite which shade of foundation to buy, or simply mixing up the shades we use. Maybe you even have a somewhat different skin tone, meaning you can’t quite find the perfect shade of foundation at all. This is a real problem in the makeup world, but it’s one that Lancome has finally solved.

Lancome’s futuristic makeup counter can solve all of those foundation woes in just ten minutes. They scan your skin for the correct shade, enter it into the computer, and your custom foundation is made right in the store in a little machine.

If you’re the type to forget what shade you are, Lancome’s got that covered too. Each label includes your name, complexion type, and shade. We’re sure it’s pretty pricey, but it might be worth it for the perfect foundation. Check it out.