DOs and DON’Ts: Denim Jackets


Denim jackets have made a come back in a big way and frankly, we are really happy to see this trend return. A cute denim jacket can transform almost any ensemble making it one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your wardrobe. As with any trend, there are a few “rules” that will keep you look you chic and stylish.

Do look for one with structure. We love a denim jacket with a defined waistline to keep the look feminine making it perfect to pair with dresses or skirts.

Don’t be afraid to have more than one! There are several styles to choose from and we promise you will find a way to wear each one!

Do look for jackets in bright colors to add interest! Red, turquoise or even yellow, it doesn’t matter. Just think outside the traditional blue box!

Don’t forget about the denim jacket’s cousin, the denim vest. We’ve seen quite a few fashionistas rocking the vest with a cute tee and skirt for a fun casual look.

Do use it to balance a super girly lace dress. Add some cowboy boots for even more fun!

Don’t forget to use the jacket as a way to extend the life of your summer essentials. Topping a tank top or strappy maxi dress with a denim jacket lets you carry it right into fall.

Do rock the denim-on-denim trend while it is back!

Don’t be afraid to wear it over a crop top. We love this option for those of us not quite ready to commit to this skin baring trend!

Do add fun patterns under your jacket such as stripes or plaids.

Don’t be afraid to button the jacket all the way up and wear it as a shirt!

Do wear your denim jacket all year long!

A denim jacket is an inexpensive piece that will make a statement no matter how you decide to style it!