DOs and DON’Ts: How to Wear Summer Dresses

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There isn’t a more fashionable way to keep cool during those sultry summer months than a summer dress. While this is one fashion trend we can really get behind, there are a few dos and don’ts that will help you rock that summer dress with style!

DO: look for unique design elements. Off the shoulder, flowy sleeves, ruching or even a just a dropped waist will add interest and make your dress more appealing.


DO: look for a dress with structure. Even a tunic dress needs to have some sort of shape to it. If not, you could look like you are wearing your families camping tent instead of a dress.

DON’T: shy away from a sexy halter neckline. Not only is this an interesting neckline, it is a flattering one too! Drawing attention to your shoulders and beautiful face, we promise you will wear this dress often.

DO: look for bold prints and patterns. It’s summer, it’s time to have fun! Just be sure you balance them out with simple accessories so you don’t end up with sensory overload.


DON’T: forget to select a skirt length that is most flattering for your body type and age.

DO: remember that vintage is all the rage, find one you love and wear it!


DON’T: be afraid to “recycle” your dress by changing up your accessories. This gives you additional options and saves you money.

DON’T: be afraid to wear bold accessories. Add a bright scarf, handbag or shoe to give your dress a pop of color. Bold accessories can turn a simple dress into something stunning!

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DO: look for dresses that can easily go from daytime casual to evening with nothing more than a simple shoe change.

DON’T: be afraid to add a structured blazer over an A-line dress to wear to the office.

DO: make sure your closet includes a broad selection of dresses. Short, long, casual and dressy. You will be glad you did!



Photo Credit: Instagram/@fashiologist, @fashionstoreison, @ginasboutique