Do’s and Don’ts of Fourth of July Hairstyles

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If your Fourth of July is anything like those in the South you know it is going to be hot. As in “hot as a firecracker” hot, which means it is not the time to try fancy new hairdo’s. Here is our list of Fourth of July hair do’s and don’ts:

Do look for patriotic hair ties. More than likely if you have long hair you will pull it up. Plus, you really don’t want it to catch on fire should you get a little too close to a Roman Candle.

Don’t try to tease your hair. Forget it. It’s too hot and humid. Nothing on earth will hold your hair into place, not even teasing.

Do go for stylish ponytails. Try a low ponytail or even one on the side just a little variety.

Don’t forget about braids! We love braids and there are so many ways to braid your hair you could be creative, cute and stay cool!

Do consider a hat. No matter what your style is, you can rock a hat. Choose from the fun fedora, a casual baseball cap or even a floppy beach hat!

Don’t try too hard! Fourth of July is the ultimate summer holiday and the time to just have fun with your hair.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!