DOs and DON’Ts: Rain Boots with Sadie Robertson

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If there is one thing we enjoy about a rainy day, it’s rain boots! They’ve come a long way in recent years and have become as much a fashion statement as they are practical. And like every fashion trend, there is a right way to rock them, and if anyone knows how to do it right, it’s Sadie Robertson. Together with Roma boots, the young reality TV star has launched a line of fashionable rain boots that are definitely a DO. And through November, you can only get these adorable boots from Country Outfitter.

So let’s check out ALL the dos and don’ts of rain boots with our favorite rain boot model, Sadie Robertson.

DO: Color coordinate your outfit to your boots. Fall doesn’t have to mean living in red, brown, and gold. Sadie Robertson looks adorable in this soft lilac paired with the kale green lace up boot.



DON’T: Forget short boots work too if you don’t like to taller ones. These short rain boots are the ideal combination of an edgy combat boot look, softened with the floral print.


DON’T: Forget that your rain boots can double as a waterproof snow boot. You might want to double up on the socks, or get a really nice insulated sock, to keep warm.


DO: Wear bright colors to chase away the gray day. Instead of letting the rain get you down, take a cue from Sadie and “live original” by deciding to be cheerful in these red lace ups.



DO: Look for boots with a fun pattern. This bold print classic style pull-on boot is enough of a statement for one outfit. Paired with jeans and a simple sweater, Sadie looks super comfortable and absolutely put together.



DON’T: Forget you can absolutely wear your rain boots with skirts and dresses. This look is for the girls who just want to have fun–and don’t care that the boys will never understand this outfit the way their girlfriends do. Keep one thing simple, either the boots or the dress. In this case, Sadie chose a statement skirt to go with super neutral blush boots.



DO: Add a touch of girly-girl to your rain boots if you want. Frilly boot socks are fun and change the look from day to day when the rain decides to stick around a while.

DON’T: Forget to mix prints when you wear your rain boots. You don’t get to wear them every day, have some fun!

DO: Splash in the puddles and enjoy your rain boots.

We’re so excited that Country Outfitter is the exclusive launch partner of the Sadie Robertson rain boot line from Roma.

Pre-order your pair (pairs???) now before your favorite styles are gone!

Image Source: Roma Boots