DOs and DON’Ts: Summer Whites

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Ahhh…summer whites. We love the way they look ultra-cool in the warm-weather months. We also enjoy the way they make it a little easier to pretend the thermometer doesn’t register 100+ temperatures every day. In a season where cutoffs and tank tops are our go-tos when we want a super casual look, summer whites give us the best of both worlds. When wearing it, we can be both casual but look put together at the same time.

But as with any fashion trend, there are a few guidelines to follow.

DO forget what your mama told you about wearing white-on-white. DO it! It looks very chic and put together plus, think of all the sun rays you’ll be deflecting.

DON’T spend another day without the perfect white top and wear it often.

DO remember you can’t wear white to a wedding. Competing with the bride is a no-no!

DON’T get stagnant with a little black dress. Wear a little white dress instead.

DO check your undergarments to make sure they aren’t visible through your white clothing. Otherwise, your summer whites become a big DON’T.

DON’T forget that a white button-down is casual and sophisticated.

DO keep it simple. White doesn’t need much to look great.

DON’T overlook ruffles! They make a white piece playful rather than stuffy.

DO wear white jeans as often as you can! They look great with almost everything.

DON’T forget to add other neutrals with your whites. They will pop, but not overpower your look.

DO keep your accessories simple. Let your summer whites be the star of your outfit.

DON’T forget that fit is very important when it comes to wearing white. Too tight and it can look trashy, too loose and it can look sloppy.