DOs and DON’Ts: Taking Care of Your Favorite Jeans

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We all like a good pair of jeans, but when we find that perfect pair, our world is complete. You know the pair we are talking about. It has the perfect shape, the perfect color, and the perfect feel. And we want these babies to last us a good while; preferably longer than our last boyfriend! The question is, just how do we get the most mileage out of our jeans?

DOs and DON’Ts: Taking Care of Your Favorite Jeans:

DO: try to wear them at least 3 times before you wash them.

DON’T: forget you can freeze jeans overnight to freshen them up a bit.

DO: wash them inside out. This not only protects the fibers from breaking down, but also guards against fading.

DON’T: dry your jeans in the dryer. Ever. Like, NEVER.

DO: wash by hand instead of in the machine. If you are like me, this will cut down washing significantly. (Because who wants to hand-wash anything?)

DON’T: forget to use a detergent designed for delicates if you choose to use one.

DO: fold your jeans gently rather than hanging them. Hanging stretches them which breaks the fibers down.

DON’T: forget to have them professionally hemmed if you can’t do it yourself. If the hemline is touching the ground, it will fray, making the jean susceptible to tearing.

DO: rotate through at least 4 pairs of jeans. If you wear the same pair over and over, they will wear out more quickly.

DON’T: forget you can dry them by rolling them up in a beach towel, squeezing as much moisture out as possible and then lying flat to dry.

DO: touch jeans up with a hot iron rather than washing them. Works like a charm!

DON’T: forget to add a cup of vinegar when you do wash them. It will lock the deep color in, helping to prevent fading.

DO: wear your jeans with things you love and enjoy them!


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