Double Denim: Can You Really Wear Two Denims at Once?

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Double denim, really? The answer is yes, with caution. We’ve seen it on Reese Witherspoon, Jason Aldean, and Ashley Tisdale and plenty of other celebs who are willing to lend this style some credibility. If you’re still hesitant to try out what was once a fashion faux pas, take these tips on how to wear denim on denim successfully.

Go for Contrast

Want to know the first rule of the double-denim club? Here it is: Matching two denims is a definite no-no! If you’ve ever seen this eyesore, you know it’s far too matchy-matchy, and that’s why you need to contrast the colors. Pair a dark blue denim shirt with light-colored jeans for a hip jean outfit–also lovingly referred to as a joutfit.

Mix Up Your Denim

Once you’ve worn the contrasting denim shades a few times and received some compliments, of course, you might want to move on to additional double denim looks. You can layer a dark denim jacket over the t-shirt of your choice, and finish off the look with lighter-colored jeans. You can flip this look around by choosing darker jeans and a lighter denim jacket. Either way, this style tactic can break up the denim ensemble a bit.


Always Accessorize!

If you’re still not feeling super confident about your ability to pull off this denim look, you can tone it down a bit with some accessories that break up the outfit. Wearing a pretty necklace or sparkly bracelet can draw the eye toward your jewelry so that your denim is not your only noticeable feature. You can also wear a handbag on your shoulder or across your body to break up the look of the denim with a simple, feminine touch. In fact, if you don’t have a jean jacket or shirt to pair with your jeans, you can always substitute a denim purse.