8 Most Interesting Looks from the #ESPYs


The 2017 ESPY Awards served as a gathering spot for the world’s greatest athletes and some of their super fans. The 25th annual event, as of late, serves as a chance for athletes to really show off their creative, fashionable sides. And the red carpet was an interesting sight to see.

8 Most Interesting Looks from the #ESPYs:

1. John Cena and Nikki Bella

Cena always wears a simple suit, with a simple tie. On this particular occasion, Bella opted with a sports bra and pants to complement Cena’s business attire.

2. Russell Westbrook

Russ has had fashion collabs with Barney’s New York and several other high-end notables, but I think these pants are sweat pants. They have a drawstring.

Disney/ABC Press

3. Michael Phelps

Phelps looked absolutely dapper, but his Vanity Fair after party photoshoot pose was just… hilariously weird.

4. D’Angelo Russell

Borrowed his mom’s oversized house sweater and paired it with camo joggers. This is very grocery store chic.

Disney/ABC Press

5. Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant looked like he wasn’t the NBA Finals MVP all night with his facial expressions and with his outfit he threw together with clothes he had strewn about the back of his car. The white socks are an especially nice touch.

Disney/ABC Press

6. Mike Conley Jr.

Conley went with the Pottery Barn coasters look.

Disney/ABC Press

7. Odell Beckham Jr.

Beckham wore a short-sleeve jacket and shorts. This is what you call dressing for the weather and not the occasion. Hard to be upset. It’s a scorcher out there.

Disney/ABC Press

8. Andre Drummond

Drummond wanted to look like one of those old Pontiac Firebirds with the flames on the hood. He nailed it.

Disney/ABC Press

9. Orlando Scandrick

Remember when Sam Hunt wore a light pink suit to the GRAMMYs? That’s what Scandrick did, but he 10x’ed it.

Disney/ABC Press