Get Your Uggs On: Ultimate Game Day Essentials

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There are lots of traditions that go along with fall with one of the most popular ones in the South being football! Not just any football, SEC football. Everyone who is anyone will be found at the stadium on game day. Not necessarily with a ticket in hand to watch the game, but definitely there for everyone’s favorite part, the tailgate. There are a lot of essentials for game day with some of the most important ones being the right combination of food and drink, the perfect location and our favorite, fashion.

One game essential no one should be without is a pair of Uggs. Your first thought may be of the classic suede boot, but Ugg is so much more than that with something for everyone!

Moccasin’s are perfect for game day because one must usually trek miles and miles making their way to cheer on their favorite team. The Meena Moc looks great and is comfy making this shoe and win-win!

The Bailey Bling Ugg is perfect those who want to add a little sparkle to game day! This short boot will keep your toes warm at those cold, late season games.

For the traditionalist, the Classic Ugg is always a great choice. Comfy, warm and stylish, who could want anymore than this boot?

There is a fashionista in every group and no matter how much her feet hurt, she’s wearing a heel! The Dandylion Ugg is the boot for her.

If you thought Ugg was only about suede, you haven’t seen their full selection of riding boots. Soft, high-quality leather add sophistication to any football game day.

Ugg Clog Wedges are another option for those who are fashion forward. We love the wedge heel that makes them a little more practical for walking.

Not all football game days are cold, we are in the South! For those scorchers, a flip-flop is the only way to go and believe it or not, Ugg has that too!

Ugg has something for everyone! Check out our full selection on Country Outfitter to find something for the entire family to rock on game day!