T-Shirts With Giant Front Pockets Are Here And They Basically Make You A Human Kangaroo


When I saw the dad bod fanny pack and the swimsuits with people’s faces on them, I’d thought I’d seen it all. But then came the new definition of the pocket tee: Giant Pocket T-Shirts.

Pocket Pioneers, the “genius” brand behind the t-shirts, says the idea for the design came to them at a bar (like all great ideas do).

“Like many good ideas, the giant pocket shirt started at a bar. The diviest of all neighborhood dive bars, to be exact. We instantly thought of all the fun things you could do with a giant pocket on your chest, like stashing snacks for concerts, carrying small animals, grabbing a round for the boys, or even just holding your phone and your wallet when you need your hands for something else.”

Each shirt will run you about $30, and they come in a variety of colors and patterns. What you decide to store in your giant pocket is up to you.