This Man Was Gifted Guy Fieri Crocs for Christmas From His Girlfriend and The Internet Thinks He Should Propose Now

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Is there such thing as a perfect gift for someone? Some would argue, yes, there is such a thing. Others would disagree because some people are entirely too hard to please. I think, usually, most gifts can be pretty perfect for a person if they are thoughtful and you give someone something they never thought they wanted or needed.

Like, for example, this guy who got a pair of Guy Fieri, flamed-out Crocs with wheels for Christmas from his girlfriend.

First off, no one really wants or needs a pair of Crocs. And definitely no one needs a pair of Crocs with Guy Fieri’s face on them, but what if they do?

This Twitter user took to the Internet to ask what to do if your girl gifts these graciously decorated Crocs to you and the Internet replied with an overwhelming reply of “marry her!”

And of course, “take her to Flavortown!”

Or just pay her to stick around.

I know what you’re thinking– are those Crocs real? Kind of. The flamed-out Crocs are real and will cost you about $40. If you want Guy Fieri’s face on them, you’ll have to add it yourself.

Flamed-Out Crocs