Guy Fieri Hates That Famous Flame Shirt And We Can’t Say We Blame Him


I don’t know about you but when I think of Guy Fieri, I instantly picture the man with frosted blonde spikes and a goatee, and of course he’s wearing a black Hawaiian-style button up shirt with bright flames shooting upwards, almost as if to imitate his spiked hair. But in a recent episode of the “Sporkful” podcast, Guy shared that he actually despises that shirt, and honestly we can’t say that we blame him.

“There’s a picture of me in a flame shirt that everybody loves. I get that picture sent to me when we do fan mail; it’s the picture they send more than anything…I hate the shirt.”

He said at the time the picture was taken, they were opening a barbecue restaurant and that shirt just happened to be one they had. “I don’t know where we got the shirt or what happened. Goddamn I hate that shirt,” he said.

Point taken.

Unfortunately for Guy, I don’t think we’ll see the public’s admiration of his flame shirt going away anytime soon.