How to Clean Leather Boots

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Boots can be a big purchase and we want to make sure you can keep them clean! With a little bit of cleaning and protection, your boots can last a lifetime!

There’s a certain way to clean leather boots, so let’s make sure you do it right.

How to clean leather boots: 

Our All-Purpose Cleaner & Conditioner has been specifically formulated to clean and preserve all types of leather: grained, gloved, smooth and patent leathers. The special wax-free conditioners guard against molding, drying and cracking while keeping the leather soft and pliable.

  1. Remove all visible dust with a soft bristle brush. If your boot has inlays, you might use a toothbrush to dust in the inlays.
  2. Apply a dime-sized amount of cleaner to a cloth and gently rub the product all over your boot.
  3. Next, with a clean cloth wipe all of the lather off your boots.

The Water & Stain Protector is for use on leather and suede. It provides protection from water based and oil-based stains and will keep your boots water repellent and stain resistant.

  1. Spray the Water & Stain Protector in even strokes across the boot.
  2. Wait a couple of minutes and spray again.
  3. Let the boots dry overnight and they will be good for another season!