How to Wear Dresses With Cowboy Boots

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Show off your country edge while still looking ladylike by pairing up your dresses with cowboy boots. Channel Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus with ease in this fun, feminine look.

Get the Length Right

If you go for too long of a dress you won’t show off your boots, but go too short and you might look more cheesy than flirty. Look for a dress that falls right above the knee for the most flattering look.

Don’t Overdo It

Cowboy boots make a major statement. To keep from having too much going on at once, pair them with an understated dress. Think flowing white sundresses, pretty floral prints, and little black dresses. Stick with simple, cool accessories like sunglasses and slouchy bags. Pairing a cowboy hat with cowboy boots will look more “Halloween” than “fashionable.” Go for long, flowing locks or a simple pony instead.

Stay Warm

Although cowboy boots with dresses is a more common look in summer, there’s no reason why you can’t rock it in winter as well! Add some tights or leggings that complement the color of your boots, and top off your look with a cardigan. You might even pair your boots with a sweater dress and scarf for a warm, cozy look.

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Fun With Colors

We sell cowboy boots ranging from simple brown suede to patent hot pink. Don’t be afraid to express your personality with your footwear — select the boot that catches your eye!

Just remember that cowboy boots as a style are a statement themselves, and bright colors and textures are even more adventurous. Keep the focus on your super cool boots by keeping the rest of your ensemble simple and complementary.

Textures Matter

Part of the allure of cowboy boots is the rugged suede and buttery leather from which they’re made. Keep your look fresh by selecting other interesting textures for your dress. Material such as denim and cotton appear extra soft when paired with cowboy boots. Lace and eyelet will be more pronounced. Even your most comfortable dress can be made to look intentionally faded and worn when paired with cowboy boots.

Do you prefer to rock your cowboy boots with dresses at summer concerts and festivals, or at Autumn bonfires and sporting events?


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