Meet Your Denim Soulmate: Find the Fit Perfect for Your Body

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When women slip into their favorite pair of jeans, something rather amazing happens. She instantly struts a little cooler walking the streets with all the confidence of Blake Shelton. She’s even been seen slowing down in front of store-front windows to check out how much longer her legs look and how much firmer her butt appears. Her friends are envious and wonder where they can buy these awesome jeans for themselves. And this, ladies, is right where the problem with women and jeans lies. We look at what makes other women look great and think they will work the same magic on our frame.

Stop. Consider your body type and what you want to show-off and what you are trying to camouflage and find a fit that works. Then you will be the envy of all your friends.

If you want to slim your legs look for:

    • Boot cut jeans with a slight flare make thighs appear slimmer.
    • Dark denim elongates the leg.
    • A uniform wash. Think monochromatic. One color makes things appear slimmer and longer.


If you want to appear taller look for: 

  • A higher rise will “lengthen” your legs.
  • Boyfriend jean. Just choose one that has a closer fit.
  • Trouser jeans. Typically longer with a slight flare, these jeans are the ultimate for adding length.


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If you want to create curves look for: 

  • Flap pockets give a little lift to your bottom half.
  • Skinny jeans hug your figure giving you the appearance of curves.
  • Light wash. A lighter jean creates the look of a curvier body.


Can’t find what you are looking for? Shop all denim: 

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