6 Nail Polish Shades You Can Expect To See This Fall


I’m a firm believer that a fresh manicure can do a lady a whole lot of good. Personally, I feel like an entirely different woman when I step out of a nail salon or after I give myself a nice at-home mani— it’s almost like with every clip of a cuticle, a piece of my stress and self-doubt disappears.

Now that it’s fall, it’s time to ditch the bright floral hues from summer and hit the fall shades, and Essie’s fall 2017 collection is every ’90s girl’s dream come true. It features some classic dark hues that are perfect for fall, plus a couple of surprise shades that are totally rad.

Here Are 6 Nail Polish Shades You Can Expect To See This Fall:

​1. “As If”

I love this pretty shade of periwinkle! This is a color I’ll definitely be taking over into winter.

2. “Mixtaupe”

There’s nothing I love more than a good neutral polish, and this one is near perfect!

3. “Girly Grunge”

Now THIS is a shade that really gives the 90s vibe.

4. “Saved By The Belle”

I admit I was surprised to see this in the collection, but I don’t hate it one bit!

6. “Dressed To The Nineties”

Just like the name states, this shade will have you dressed to the nineties!