Now You Can Paint Your Nails With Sharpies (and It’s Actually Really Cool)

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I don’t know about you, but I hate spending my hard-earned money on nail polish — even if it’s cheap. So, in an attempt to avoid spending money on polish, I’ll typically, buy one bottle and use it on my fingers and toes until its bitter end — but, this can obviously get very boring.

So, for a cheaper alternative, I’ve started using this Sharpie ink polish technique.

I had some fun practicing #marblenails using #sharpies. Which one is your favorite?

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Now, obviously, if you don’t have Sharpies lying around like I did, the initial investment can be a little high, depending on how big of a pack you buy. But the good thing about Sharpies versus nail polish is that, if stored correctly, the have a potential to serve your nails much longer.

And, the technique is super fun and easy. All it requires is white nail polish, Sharpies, a brush and rubbing alcohol.

Image Source: Instagram, YouTube