One Piece Three Ways: White Jeans


White jeans can be a very scary thing. Particularly to Gen X’s who were scarred by frightening images of “hair band” members in 1987 music videos. If you happen to be one with an aversion to white jeans, now is the time for a mind makeover!  White jeans are a timeless wardrobe addition and can be worn year round. That’s right…all you southern girls can disregard the “no white after Labor Day and definitely not before Easter” rule.  Fashion designers of the world did away with that “rule” years ago!

While not your mortal enemy, they certainly aren’t your BFF as white jeans tend to occupy a quasi-friendship-like role somewhere between star-crossed lovers and arch rivals. The key to looking seasonably chic in your white jeans is how you style them and making sure they fit properly. White tends to accentuate a poor fit so it is vital to select a white jean in your correct size. Too small and every bump or roll you have will be outlined. A size too large and they will look sloppy or unkempt.

To make this classic look easy for you, we created 3 ways to rock those white jeans!

A simple black tee or tank is perfect to pair with white jeans. Spiced up with simple accessories and hot snakeskin heels, this look works well for a night out on the town with your girlfriends.

White jeans can be dressed up for the office with a structured navy jacket, striped tee and pops of bold color. Who said white jeans were boring? Not us! Just add red heels and the surprise element of yellow with a handbag and necklace for a look that won’t stop. In fact, this look would work for after hours. You’re welcome.

And everybody’s favorite, weekend wear! Look relaxed and casual with flat sandals and a loose, denim top. Rolled-up sleeves and a brightly-colored beach bag complete the look.

There you have it.  Three different looks for three different occasions with just one piece of clothing. You no longer have to fear them, embrace white jeans – the combinations are endless!

What is your favorite way to wear white jeans?

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Image Source: Flicker/chambrayandcurls