Pizza Hut’s “Pizza Parka” Will Keep You As Warm As Your Pizza This Winter


I guess it’s actually true: Absolutely one can out-pizza The Hut.

Pizza Hut took to Twitter to announce that they’ve made all-new pizza delivery bags that will help keep your pizza even warmer and fresher while it’s in transit to your house. While this might seem like great news for Hut Lovers in and of itself (which, it is), the company took it about 100 steps further with some more exciting news.

Truth be told, it’s one of the weirdest and most intriguing things I’ve seen in a while: The Pizza Parka.

The company shared a couple of teaser videos on their Twitter account showing the “Pizza Parka” in action, saying that it’s “made from the same material as our new oven-hot delivery pouches so you can stay warm this winter, just like your pizza.” When the actor in the video opens up his Pizza Parka, hot steam billows out. They’re calling it their “way to share the warmth.”

No word from Pizza Hut on whether or not we should be taking this matter seriously, but the company did reply to a Tweet asking Pizza Hut to name their price for the parka, saying they “might be able to get their hands on one soon.”

Of course, the Internet (in true Internet fashion), can hardly handle the news.