Plaid Shirts: Fall Trend Still Going Strong


Plaid shirts are an established fall wardrobe staple. Unfortunately, they have also wrongly earned a reputation of being a guy thing. Truth be told, you can turn on your feminine charm decked in this garment in more ways than one. It is a favorite with the trend-setting Olsen twins Mary-Kate and Ashley. Check out three strikingly different looks, and the best place to sport each of them.

Casual Outdoors

If you’re the outdoorsy kind, you’ll probably find yourself taking many walks to admire the beautiful colors of fall. Pick a slightly oversized plaid shirt with a curved hemline, and wear it over leggings and mid-leg boots. If you find it too loose, gather it at the waist with a simple leather belt. There may be a nip in the air; throw on a sleeveless fur vest or wrap a scarf around your neck for additional warmth. This is a comfortable ensemble that still makes it apparent that you took the effort to dress up.

Cozy Indoors

Planning to spend a cozy afternoon with your partner, hanging out at the mall? Co-ordinated dressing up can be really cute if you do it right. He’s most likely to wear his shirt unbuttoned over a white tee, with blue jeans and a baseball cap. That’s the look you should avoid if you want people to tell you apart. You can pull on a shirt similar to his, but it should be fitted, and tucked into denim shorts or khakis. And definitely don’t button it all the way up, so that you can show off a girly chain pendant. Another way to stay in tune with your femininity is to layer your checkered top over a short white or black dress.

Girly Galore

Looking to turn on the oomph factor even more? Choose a plaid shirt in pastel colors, preferably having chest pockets with metal buttons. Extra points if it has ruffles down the front. This cap sleeve design with a drawstring neckline is a refreshing change from the stereotypes. Wear it with a pencil skirt, and ballerina shoes or kitten heels. When it comes to accessories, you need something that softens the masculine edge. Also, since the multi-colored checkered design is quite heavy, go easy on the bling. Gold hoop earrings or diamond studs are perfect, and maybe a charm bracelet too.

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