7 Real Women Tried on Sports Illustrated’s New Swimsuits To See If They Were Really Size-Inclusive


I think all women can agree that trying on swimsuits is kind of the worst. For curvy women, finding cute swimsuits in the right size can sometimes feel impossible, which is why Sports Illustrated decided to release a size-inclusive line of their own.

The line, which will be available early next year, boasts to carry fashionable swimsuits that go up to size 24. To test out the product, seven women of all different shapes and sizes got together to try on the swimsuits to see how they felt about them– and they were pleasantly surprised by the results.

“When I looked in the mirror, I was pleasantly surprised: The high-cut legs were flattering, and the low-cut neckline showed off my curves without feeling over the top. The straps and overall fit could have been tighter, but I am a size 12 and I was wearing a size 16 (we only had select sample sizes to try). My correct size would’ve likely been perfect,” Julia Naftulin shared.

All of the women, from the pregnant to the curvy to the modest, loved the swimsuits and the experience of trying them on, which is something they’d never experienced before. “A big insecurity I had about my body would be my curves, but that’s just because I didn’t realize how luxurious they were,” one of them shared. Preach, sister!

You can check out the full video from the shoot on Health.com, and be on the lookout for Sports Illustrated’s new swimsuit line in early 2018!