Reba Says She Owns Over 80 Pairs of Boots That Have Their Own ‘Special Closet’ and That’s Every Country Girl’s Dream

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We know Reba McEntire has some style– the country superstar has her own clothing line and her own boot collaboration, “Reba by Justin.” In an interview with Footwear News, Reba shared that she actually owns over 80 pairs of cowboy boots, and I’ll just let that sink in for a minute.

“I have over 80 pairs and had a special closet and shelves made. I measured how tall my boots were, since I wanted four to each section. [However], I’ve had to put some on top of the [shelving] because I found more [boots] in my closet,” she said.

Reba says comfort always comes first when she’s picking out her outfits. “I’m too old for really, really high heels,” she said. “When I wear high heels, I’m uncomfortable and unsure. I wear confidence with my boots.”