Redneck Riviera: A Brand We are Crushing On


As if we needed another reason to love John Rich, yes, THE John Rich of Big & Rich, we were recently introduced to his lifestyle brand, Redneck Riviera. The cool thing about it is that it isn’t just a brand…it’s a way of life. They carry everything from men’s and women’s clothing to beer koozies and even decals so no one ever has to guess your allegiance to a “redneck” way of life.

According to Rich, this brand represents the folks in this country who work hard, and play harder! From hunting, fishing, taking it easy on the beach or throwing down at a tailgate party, Redneck Riviera™ is there ‘when you wanna Gitcher Redneck On!’

If you haven’t already heard about John Rich’s new brand, we promise it’s just a matter of time. It’s everywhere and everyone loves it!

Take look at some of the products below…you’ll be able to can see why Country Outfitter is smitten!

This Redneck Riviera logo hat in CAMO is perfect for a day at the beach or anywhere a lazy day is required.

The Redneck Riviera is all about the white sugar sand beaches and the blue water. This graphic tee for men says it all!


Check out the Redneck Riviera line of cowboy boots, you won’t be disappointed!

Is there anything better than CAMO, trucker hat AND red, white and blue? We didn’t think so either.

We love the pink, fitted graphic tee to show off your feminine side!

This is a fun look for a day at the lake. Black and white trucker hat and black tank keep the look casual and ready for anything.

This is just one of the many graphic tees designs available by Redneck Riviera. Relaxation required when sporting this tee.

Get your redneck on! This one is sure to be a favorite! And don’t you just love how they have matching tees for the guys and gals?

Hope you enjoy Redneck Riviera as much as we do! The full line is available for purchase at