Seven Traits Highly Fashionable Women Have in Common

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Ever wonder how certain women just seem to ooze style? She walks into a room and everyone notices. It doesn’t matter what she has on. She looks effortlessly put together in anything from an evening gown to a pair of jeans and a tee. What’s her secret? What makes this woman we are so envious of, stand out?

We’ve noticed there are several traits these women share that contribute to their ability to always look fabulous. Below are seven simple ways to help you incorporate these traits into your daily fashion life.

  • They aren’t brand hounds. She understands wearing a $400 sweatshirt isn’t going to make her look great. It’s not that she is against purchasing one, she simply isn’t going to fill her closet with overpriced couture pieces she hopes will fulfill her fashion dreams.
  • They will shop in any store. She isn’t afraid to walk into the clothing department at Target, then head over to Barney’s with a final stop at TJMaxx. She never knows what she is going to find and where she will find it. She goes where the fashion is, no matter where it may be!
  • They aren’t trendy. If you notice, most highly fashionable people tend to stick with the classics but add a trendy accessory or two. You rarely see them sporting the latest trends head to toe.
  • They aren’t afraid to mix high-end with low-end. This is a true art. She will wear an expensive statement piece with something she purchased at Goodwill. She can pull it off and most of the time we aren’t aware of her secret.
  • They don’t try too hard. We’ve all seen her. She seems a little less “dressed” than everyone else and yet looks better than us all. She isn’t stressed out trying to impress other people. She stays true to her sense of style and is confident in it.
  • They pay attention to details. She may have on a simple white blouse, but it’s the way she rolls the sleeves and adds a long, simple necklace that sets her apart. She takes care of her hair, skin and nails. She looks put-together even when she’s wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. She always wears clothing that fits to make the most of her figure, no matter what size it is. Details ladies, details!
  • Nothing really matches, it just goes together. This girl will mix prints, fabrics, and even styles. And she can rock it. She knows when to make a statement and when to tone it down. We’ve seen her wear a super hero tee with a lace skirt and it works. She has fun with her clothes!

Hopefully you are inspired to find your personal fashion sense. Somewhere along the way we have all fallen victim to trying to keep up with everyone else. Embrace who you are, find what you love and before you know it, you will be one of these “highly fashionable people”!