Staff Picks: Men’s Boots


We love boots. We love all the boots. But just like everyone else we do have our favorites. We asked a few members of our staff to tell us which of our thousands of boots they liked best. We asked the girls and got such a great response, we thought we see what the guys had to say!

This is what they told us:

Cade, VP of UI/UX (don’t worry – none of us actually knows what that is either!)

What boot he chose: Saigets Worn Goat Cowboy Boot by Tony Lama

Why he likes it: “It’s just cool. It’s a classic western boot that I can wear every day.”

Blake, Brand Manager

What boot he chose: Calvary by Frye

Why he likes it: “A Frye boot is an instant classic. And you can’t wear it out.”

Tyler, Copywriter

What boot he chose: Distressed Chocolate Inlay Boot by Corral

Why he likes it: “How could you NOT like this boot! The attention to detail makes it awesome.”

Jeremy, Product and Event Photographer

What boot he chose: Road Warrior Boot by American Rebel Boot Company

Why he likes it: “It’s edgy. I like edgy.”

TJ, VP of Strategic Relations

What boot he chose: Wellington Boot by Wolverine

Why he likes it: “This boot is for the real guy. It’s a work boot, but it looks good too.”

These are our picks! Which of these do you like best?