13 Stupid Style Rules Men Need to Break


Some rules were simply made to be broken. And when it comes to men’s fashion, rules should be learned and then bent to the point of one’s individual style and personal taste.

13 Stupid Style Rules Men Need to Break:

1. Don’t Wear White After Labor Day
If there was ever a style rule that was made to be broken, it’s this one. If you’re ever in New Orleans on September 24th, and it’s 93 degrees outside, it’s okay to wear white pants.


2. Shoes and Belt Must Match
For formal occasions like weddings, you probably should match.


3. Don’t Mix Black and Brown
A great way to pair black and brown is to go for contrast. Just stick to lighter shades, like royal blue or caramel, as navy or dark brown can be visually confusing next to black.

4. Navy and Black Don’t Go Together
A navy suit with a black knit tie was one of James Bond’s preferred suits. Enough said.

5. Never Button the Bottom Button
Have you ever watched “Mad Men?” It’s a well-established style guide for contemporary men if ever there was one. So, go ahead, button away.

6. Socks Need to Match the Color of Your Pants
This rule is one you should 100 percent ignore. Wear socks that scream you have a pulse and a little bit of personality. Don’t be afraid to set yourself apart.

7. Always Wear Socks
When keeping it casual, shoes always look better without socks. However, if you are going to a formal event or anywhere with a dress code, socks are absolutely necessary.

8. Don’t Wear a Suit Without Socks
Ditching socks when you dress up is a stylish way to stay cool. Just remember to care for your feet and your shoes, because let’s face it, your feet will get sweaty.


9. Black is for Funerals and Formal Events Only
If it’s good enough for the cast of “Reservoir Dogs,” it’s good enough for you. So, if you are going to wear black, keep it simple.

10. Men Should Never Wear Pink
Simply said, men look good in pink, and they don’t wear it enough. A pink tie balanced with a darker suit will do wonders for your style.

11. Don’t Wear Denim with Denim
There does, however, need to be a contrast with types of denim.

12. Casual and Classic Can’t Be Mixed
The world will not implode if you mix things up from time to time — if you don’t have clashing colors. It’s a great technique to try, but doing it well takes some thought.

13. Never Buy Clothing for a Woman
This rule is lazy, stereotypical well outdated. If you’re unsure of what to buy, then of course don’t do it. Even if you’re sure, there is always a risk.