Style Tips: How to Rock the Boots with Dresses Trend

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Cooler weather is no excuse to give up wearing boots with your skirts and dresses. It’s time to flaunt those legs Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood style. Throw on some tights or leggings (or not!) and you are ready to go!

There aren’t a lot of rules that go along with wearing boots with skirts or dresses. It’s perfectly acceptable to mix and match lots of dress and skirt lengths with all boot heights. And that’s good news cause you can’t really mess this look up too badly.

There are five basic guidelines to follow:

Match Your Boot Style with Your Dress/Skirt Style 

We’ll start with the no-brainer rule first. Try to keep your dress or skirt in the same style range as your boots. Meaning, you don’t want to wear thick chunky motorcycle boots with a party dress or elegant stiletto-heeled boots with a garden dress.

Watch Your Skirt or Dress Length

You are probably wearing your boots with a dress because you love them! Show them off! When wearing taller boots, there should be a few inches of “leg peek” between the top of the boot and the hemline. Same goes for long skirts with mid-calf boots. This is more flattering and won’t come across as matronly. Wear your skirt too short though, and you may come across as too flirty.

Don’t Overdo It

Cowboy boots make a major statement. To keep from having too much going on at once, pair them with an understated dress. Think flowing white sundresses, pretty floral prints, and little black dresses. Stick with simple, cool accessories like sunglasses and slouchy bags.

Have Fun with Color

You can get cowboy boots in colors ranging from simple brown suede to patent hot pink. Don’t be afraid to express your personality with your footwear — select the boot that catches your eye! Just make sure they don’t clash with your dress and you will be good to go!

Use Your Boots as an Accessory

Think of your boots the same way you do your jewelry. Use a pair of fancier, more ornate boots to glam up a simple dress while an understated boot can compliment a bold dress or skirt. Have fun with it, you will surprised at how many combinations you can come up with!

Again, you really can’t mess this look up! Just keep these few simple guidelines in mind and you’ll be wearing cowboy boots with dresses as often as you can!