A Guy Comments on Supermodels Advising Guys on What Jeans They Should Wear

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Buying jeans can be a real nuisance. There’s different materials, different washes, different styles, and fittings. Long gone are the days when non-carpenters are allowed to wear carpenter jeans. Like any sensible person, when I have a dilemma I ask myself, “Are there any supermodels with advice on this issue?”

Fortunately, in this case, a few supermodels graciously lent out their time to Vogue to dish out advice! Supermodels are here to help us men find the right jeans. Sage advice like “Skinny jeans, but not too skinny,” and “I like a man in corduroy,” and nothing “paint-splattered,” or “too washed.” Hmm, so no stains on my jeans, but also not too few stains on my jeans.

Thank you, supermodels. It’s all so clear now.