11 Swimsuit Styles For Every Body Type

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Swimsuit season is here and, for most of us, that means stressing over finding the right suit to suit (LOL, get it?) our bodies. It’s also the season that many of us have been dreading… Errr, anticipating since January.

And while everyone has an opinion in regard to swimwear, we hope that this guide can help you feel confident as you step into summer.

Swimsuits For Every Body Type:

There are two rules of thumb for this guide:

  1. Find a swimsuit that is right for your body type, not just a swimsuit that is in style.
  2. Look for something that will make you feel both comfortable and confident.

For the Curvy Girl

One Pieces for the Win:

One pieces are classy and provide a built in tummy tuck and tushy lift.

High Waisted Bottoms and Fringe:

This combination is stylish and will provide coverage while also looking cute!

Flattering Patterns:

Patterns provide an optical illusion that can work in your favor. Look for patterns that are high contrast and will flatter those areas you want to keep hidden


For the Pear Shaped Girl

High Waisted Suits:

High waisted bottoms are perfect for this body type, flattering below the waist with a built in tummy tuck while also accentuating how thin you are up top! All while looking timeless and classy. Can’t go wrong!

Bandeau Tops:

This style top will provide a tasteful bust for you while not highlighting a small bust like a triangle top would.


For the Busty Girl:

Halter Tops:

If you are wanting to downplay your bust, try cute, supportive tops that are haltered at the top. The haltered neckline will flatter your chest and shoulder area, making you look thin and angular.

Triangle Top:

The triangle top was created for you! Try finding a triangle top with a little more support to make for a flattering, tasteful look.


Billowing Bandeau:

Don’t shy away from bando tops just because you’re busty. Find a top with ruffles or fringe to provide a little extra coverage:

For the Straight and Narrow Girl:

Halter Tops and Thick-Banded Bottoms:

You can always give yourself some curves by incorporating flattering necklines and accentuating your hips. Haltered tops and thick banded bottoms will do just the trick for you!


You can also add shape by choosing one pieces with flattering cut-outs.


Killer Cover up Options:

Long and Flowy Kimono:

This look is super in this season, it’s lightweight, airy, adorable, and that added coverage will cover a multitude of sins. Kill 10 birds with 1 stone? Yes please.

Sleeved Dress:

Wanting to cover your arms and chest? Try a quarter sleeved flowy dress! Great for walking on the beach, to the pool, or throughout the neighborhood.