Taffy Activewear: Workout Gear for the Curvy Girl

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Every time you turn on the television someone is selling a workout video, a gym membership or workout equipment. It’s clear that in America we are obsessed with working up a sweat in an effort to lose a few extra pounds. This makes us wonder why so many activewear lines design their clothing for teeny women. We are carrying a little too much around the middle, we don’t want to squeeze into Spanx-like clothing to work out in. Lucky for us, Taffy Activewear has a solution for that problem and is dedicated to making real women look beautiful while they do their thing at the gym.

Taffy Activewear

We all know that the gym is a terrible place. I mean, honestly, whose idea was it to put all of that exercise equipment that close together and then fill the gym with muscly guys making weird noises while they lift ridiculous amounts of weight? Well… Now that I lay it out there, it actually sounds like a pretty good deal.

Okay so the gym isn’t so terrible, but sometimes gym clothes can completely engulf your body. Taffy Activewear is dedicated to the cause of destroying the T-shirt and sweatpants dress code for gym-going girls ranging from size 14-24. When you go to the gym, you deserve to feel just as beautiful as those muscly lifting guys. Taffy offers customers fitted apparel that is meant to accentuate and hug your curves. You may find that without worrying about your outfit, that you can actually have fun at the gym.

Here are some of our top Taffy picks:

Essential Racer Back Tank

This tank is perfect for any curvy girl who wants to be modest and also not feel confined or like she is drowning in her clothes.

Essential Tee

This is a go-to for gym wear and also just a comfortable tee to hang out or do house work in.

Track Jacket

For on those days when it is a little more chilly, or when you need to take a run outside, this jacket is perfect for covering up.