Taking Care of Your Leather Boots

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Leather boots have a timeless appeal, which makes them stand out in the world of footwear. To ensure your classic pair of boots stands the test of time, make sure you take proper care of them. This will keep them looking good wear after wear. While some leather boots are made to be tossed around and neglected with no need for constant care, some boots don’t have it so easy when it comes to the care and maintenance department. Here are a few methods and suggestions for leather boots to keep them looking as good as new and impressing others for years to come.

Before Wearing

Keep in mind that boot care needs to start early, which is why these precautions should be made before the shoe is worn. There are plenty of oils and creams you can add to your boots before breaking them in, which really depends on your budget. Neatsfoot oil is great and gets the job done perfectly (and can be relatively inexpensive). The oil provides a coat to protect your boots from any harmful or potentially hazardous materials that can damage their shine.

Weatherproof Spray

Weatherproof spray should be applied if you plan to wear your boots outdoors or you live in a rainy climate . Leather boots can be very sensitive to any harsh weather with water being the most damaging. Weatherproof spray is worth the investment to keep your boots looking great. Keep in mind that once boots are broken in, they are easier to damage. Just make sure that any oils applied are put on before the weatherproof spray is applied.

Boot Brushes and Rags

Knowing and considering what materials your boots are made of can help prolong their life. Materials can act differently when exposed to certain chemicals, so keep that in mind when using any. An old-fashioned rag or boot brush works great as well when it comes to extending the life of your boots and keeping them looking fabulous. Removing dirt and other stains is much easier if there are no pre-existing stains on the boot to begin with. Maintaining a regular habit of taking care of your boots will keep them looking great for many years to come.


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