8 Things Your Man Wants For Christmas That Are On Sale Right Now

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If the special man in your life is anything like the men in my life, he doesn’t want a gift unless it’s on sale, something he’d never buy for himself or something he really needs. Usually, the item or items need to fit into all three of those categories. Impossible, right? Wrong.

8 Things Your Man Wants For Christmas That Are On Sale Right Now:

1. Badass Flannel That Can Be Dressed Up or Worn Outside
You can’t go wrong gifting a classic flannel. Especially one that looks this good.

Redneck Riviera Men’s Lumberjack Buffalo Plaid

2. Cool Shirt That is Actually Comfortable
What guy isn’t all about dressing comfort? Now, he can look cool and be comfortable at the same time.

29 Porter RdMen’s Long Sleeve Henley

3/4/5. Badass Pair of Shoes That Look Manly Too
Buying shoes for a guy is always a hail mary, unless you buy the right pair. Right now, Country Outfitter has classics from Independent Boot Company on sale and some out of this world Trask Chukkas that’ll change your man’s entire view on nice, expensive shoes. (Normally, Trasks go for around $300, these are less than $80!)

Independent Boot Company Deacon Chukka

Independent Boot Company Deacon Oxford

Trask Brady Chukka

6. Sandals That Can Be Worn in Public
We all know guys who love wearing sandals no matter the season or the weather. And they are probably old shower shoes from college. It’s time to upgrade.

29 Porter Rd Foster Sandal

7. Any Piece of Clothing That is Flame Resistant
Any man who’s truly living life to the fullest has thought about the day they own their very own pair of flame resistant overalls. Trust me. (There’s a matching coat too!)

Carhartt Men’s Quilt Lined Flame Resistant Duck Bib Overall

8. Pants With Way Too Many Pockets
The heart wants what the heart wants and in this case, the heart wants pockets.

Various Pairs of Cargo Pants