Top Ten Fitness Apps to Get the Beach Body You Want


Nothing feels better than looking great in your bathing suit. But we all know that it takes hard work. But sometimes that hard work becomes boring and mundane which can derail your workout efforts.

Enter mobile fitness apps. From tracking your runs to motivating you to train harder, fitness apps are the newest trend for keeping fit and feeling fab. To make your life easier, we rounded up our top-10 favorites mobile apps so all you have to do is download and go! Shake up your workouts this year and do something a little different!

What are you waiting for?  Whip out that secret weapon AKA your smart phone and get busy.  That beach body isn’t going happen without a little work. 

Body Toning

Nike Training Club. Designed for all-over toning, this app includes workouts that range from 15-minute toners to hour long cardio sweat sessions. If you want to work every single muscle in your bod, this is for you. Nike was even smart enough to include “rewards” for further motivation.

iOS and Android; free


Daily Ab Workout. Flat abs are a must if you plan to don that string bikini at the beach! The Daily Ab Workout app includes hundreds of workouts that are both simple and effective. This multi-faceted app also offers a section on healthy foods that will help you burn fat stores making sure that 6-pack shines through.

iOS and Android; free


Tempo Run. Nothing like an upbeat tempo to help you power through that mundane cardio workout. Not only does it help you work through the tough spots, research shows you can burn up to 15% MORE calories! And who doesn’t want to burn more calories while listening to our favorite tunes?

iOS; $1.99


Map My Run. The only app you’ll need if you are a runner. Plan your routes, log your pace, calories and even connect with your friends. GPS capability allows you to share where you are on you route so a friend can join you or if for some reason you should need help.

iOS and Android; free

Calorie Blaster

Daily Cardio Workout. This lets you be in control of your workout! You choose the length, routine and even your own playlist. Video demonstrations of the moves are also available making sure you are getting the most out of every workout you create.

iOS and Android; free


Yoga Studio. Again, versatility rules when it comes to fitness apps. This one comes with more than 16 hours of already-made classes that you can filter by level and/or duration. Feeling creative? Make your class. With more than 260 moves you can work on exactly what you want.

iOS; $1.49

Ultra Competitive

Strava Run or Cycle. There’s one in every group. You can admit it. If you want to train harder, faster and longer…this app is for you. Track your sessions, compare to previous workouts and even compare to the workouts of others. Complete with leaderboard making this both fun and competitive. WARNING: highly addictive.

iOS and Android; free

Daily Tracking

Argus. We LOVE this one! Tracking exercise that doesn’t really feel like exercise at all. Just keep your phone on you all day (pretty sure you do that already, right?) and this app tracks your movements and calculates the number of calories burned. You can add workouts and even monitor your hydration levels.

iOS; free

Combatting Boredom

Hot5. This app contains sleek and modern videos for everything from abs and core to  yoga and flexibility. Page after page of 5 minutes videos will allow you to create what you want and need. It also comes in handy for those days you want to add a five minute ab workout to the end of your run. The possibilities are endless.

iOS; free


Weight Watchers Mobile. Weight Watchers works. It’s a great way to track calorie consumption to keep you on track. Not only can enter and search foods, you can scan barcodes for instant nutritional information about what you are eating. The app counts down your available calories by the day or by the week.

iOS and Android; free, but you must be a Weight Watchers member for full access.

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