Weekend at the Lake: The Essentials

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Hanging out at the lake for a weekend means “hello low-maintenance fashion!” While it is very liberating to not need so many pieces, there are a few essentials you won’t want to be without!

Swimwear. Of course you need swimwear if you are at the lake. If your plans include a lot time on a jet ski or doing other water sports, you will want to have a one-piece suit in the mix. A tumble off a tube flying across the water at 40 miles per hour has stripped many bottoms off. If you are simply sunning, like me, a two-piece works well. Steer clear of white suits. White + lake water = dingy suit, not the mention the whole “when a white suit gets wet it suddenly becomes sheer issue.” No additional words necessary.

Shorts. A couple of pairs of shorts should be plenty. Try to mix it up a bit with solids and prints, denims and khakis. You may even want to throw in a pair of super comfy knit shorts, you know, just in case you eat too much yummy lake food or overindulge in adult beverages. Not that I would know anything of these things.

Tank top/t-shirts. Again, comfort and low-maintenance is key for lake attire. This isn’t the time for your fancy tees, just something to throw on while sitting out on the deck chatting with your friends.

Cover-up. It never fails. If I forget to wear a cover-up and jump carefree onto the boat without one, we decide to dock at the marina or lakeside restaurant for lunch. And is it ever awkward to walk in just a suit. Yes, I know we are at the lake and other people are in swimwear, but my mama taught me to cover that stuff up. Cover-up. You need one.

Hat. Two words. Lake hair. You are going to need something to cover up that “I’ve been riding in a boat for 6 hours” hair. Oh – and sun protection. Hats do that too. Protecting  your face from the sun is basically the Fountain of Youth. Choose a wide-brim for lake-side lounging and a baseball cap for the boat.

Flip-flops. Lake topography typically isn’t conducive to your fancy shoes, so flip-flops are the only way to go.

Beach bag. Or in this case, lake bag. You’ll need a large tote to carry all your stuff around. The lake and the beach are very similar. Well except for the salt, the large fish that will sting you/sting you/eat you and the sand, but the hanging out part is similar. Books, beverages, magazines and snacks. You need a bag for these things.

Sunglasses. These are a must. Actually, 2 pair is a must. I’ve never been to the lake when at least one person didn’t have a pair of sunnies find their way to the bottom. Consider cheapies for this very reason.

Makeup. Seriously? Makeup? Don’t be that girl. All you need for a weekend on the lake is sunscreen, a tinted lip balm with SPF and maybe waterproof mascara.

Those are my favorite weekend at the lake essentials, what are yours?