What Are The Best Cowboy Boots

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When it comes to cowboy boots, is there one particular must-own style? The answer is not necessarily. The best cowboy boots are a matter of taste. There are a number of iconic styles that you’ll want to add to your collection of Western boots.

When we think of cowboy boots, many of us think of the classic square toe style, which actually evolved from the Wellington, a boot favored by cavalrymen during the Civil War. The Wellington was gradually adapted to conform to the rigors of cowboy life; the heel was lengthened to fit into Western-style stirrups, and the toe was made broader for comfort. If you’re lucky, you may have a pair left to you by a cowboy ancestor; but if you don’t, you can purchase your own pair of modern heirlooms made of vintage-looking distressed leather.

Classic Cowboy Boots

The 150-year-old American brand Lucchese is iconic in the cowboy boot world. If you want handmade, classicly-styled cowboy boots full of character this is probably your brand.

Vintage Western Look

A great brand for a modern vintage pair of boots is Old Gringo. The Mayra boot below is a high-impact women’s fashion boot with styling reminiscent of the beloved classic country music of the 1970s and early 80s.


For dressier occasions, a pointed-toe cowboy boot looks great. These distressed leather boots from Corral feature an eagle overlay and they’re elegant enough to wear anywhere.

Likewise, consider an understated pair of black cowboy boots for daytime wear. They’ll fit in perfectly when you need to be in urban professional mode.

In the end, the best cowboy boots are the ones that you love the most. If they make you feel like you’re bringing a bit of the West with you wherever you go, then they’re your best boots. That is, until you fall in love with another pair.

What are the best cowboy boots you’ve ever owned?

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