What to Wear to a NASCAR Race


We see the wives and girlfriends of NASCAR’s elite every Sunday standing along pit row.  Typically, they are sporting designer sunglasses, long flowing dresses, and stilettos. Often they look like they should be walking the runway rather than  standing dangerously close to a speedway.  We have to admit they do look stylish, but is it practical? Maybe for them, but for everyone, most likely not.  We have compiled a few do’s and don’ts of NASCAR fashion to help you answer the ultimate question: What should I wear on race day?

Jeans and a Sleeveless Shirt

A day at the track is much more enjoyable when you are comfortable.  A pair of jeans paired with a simple white cotton blouse will look and feel great. The white will actually reflect the sun keeping you cool.  Add a cute belt for even more flair.  The best part about wearing jeans is they will protect you from burning your legs on those hot, metal stands!  We added a large bag for you to easily tote around all of your “track goodies”.

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For races that occur in the early spring or fall, temperatures can start out cool, but end up warmer, making layers important.  And who hasn’t been to a tailgate that feels warm due to the protection of the cars and RVs, but once you hit the stands, the wind is blowing and it’s cold?  Our solution is a cute jacket layered over a tee that keeps you stylish and comfortable no matter what the weather. We like this look with a pair of leggings tucked into a pair of boots.  Comfort and warmth….who can beat that?

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Shorts and a Denim Shirt

If the thought of jeans or leggings makes you break out in a sweat, wear a pair shorts and a denim shirt.  Just don’t forget to pack a towel in your bag that you can sit on so you don’t burn your legs.  Don’t you just love how this girl thought of everything?  A bag to carry all of her goodies, sunglasses to protect her eyes from the sun and flying debris, and to top it off, adorable booties that are hip and comfortable.

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Now that we have given you a few ideas on what to wear, let’s go over a few things you shouldn’t don for your day at the track:

Stilettos or heels of any kind: You will be walking A LOT.  And the stands can get slippery when wet with rain or spilled beer .

Dresses: Walking up the grandstands in your cute little dress while everyone below you can peer up your…..yeah, just don’t.  Same goes for skirts.

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