What to Wear to a Spring Wedding

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There are countless reasons to get excited about spring. But if we are being honest, the weather can be hit and miss. Since spring is the beginning of wedding season, the issue of what you should wear cannot be avoided.

Here are a few pointers to help you navigate what you should, and shouldn’t, wear to a spring wedding.

What to Wear to a Spring Wedding:

1. Cardigans, not coats.

Yes, you can and should feel the freedom to wear a sleeveless dress to a wedding even if it’s a tiny bit too cold for comfort outside. It is time to invest in some cute cardigans that can double as an outfit accessory as well as a jacket. That pea coat you love needs to venture into the closet until next fall. Tip: Take a date with every intention of wearing his suit coat if it gets too cold. Though it won’t match, this is a completely acceptable form of jacket wear.

2. Panty hose, not tights.

Panty hose are tiny, unassuming wizards. They have the ability to make your legs look tan when they aren’t, while also holding in your belly and giving your rear end a lift. Who knew? Opaque tights are reserved for winter. Even if it is a little chilly outside, stick with the hose. Sheer black hose can look incredibly classy if you are attending a fancier wedding.

3. Patent leather, not suede.

If you are opting to wear closed-toe shoes stay away from suede. Patent leather is a great second option, but really anything but suede is great for a spring wedding. Not only is suede a traditionally winter material, but it is also highly sensitive to the elements– rain, mud, liquid of any kind. Better safe than sorry, go with the leather or patent leather. Please note that suede skirts and dresses are acceptable, this rule only applies to shoes.

4. Cowboy boots, not riding boots.

Obviously, you need to know how nice the wedding is that you are planning to attend before you plan to wear boots. But if you find that said wedding is a boots kind of occasion, stick to booties or cowboy boots instead of riding boots (boots that come up to your knees). Riding boots are traditionally winter boots and while cute paired with a dress, they are not spring attire.

5. Contrasting bright colors, not monochromatic darks.

Am I saying you shouldn’t wear dark colors? Of course not. I am just saying that you should add a splash of color to your outfit. This can be done with a statement necklace, clutch, or even a swipe of lipstick or nail polish. Mix it up with colorful accents.

6. Warm weather materials, not cool weather materials.

This can get tricky when deciphering which materials go where. Lace for instance — is it exclusively a winter fabric? What about velvet? Here’s a quick rule of thumb: If the dress is sleeveless, it can be worn in the spring. With the exception of velvet, which is exclusively winter. If the dress has short sleeves or three quarter sleeves, it needs to be paired with something– either another material or shoes– that is clearly spring/ summer. Like a half lace half tulle dress, or a suede dress with wedge sandals.

7. Spring color lipstick, not fall or winter color lipstick.

It’s time to venture into the world or pinks, corals, and nudes. If you don’t feel ready to commit to purchasing a bright stick, try a subtle gloss or tinted lip balm to get warmed up to the idea. How do you know if it’s a warm or cool shade? Most warm shades have a pink or red undertone, while most cool tones with have a brown or plum undertone. When in doubt, go with the nudes, which are good all year round.