13 Fast Food Fails You Probably Forgot About


Though it remains one of the biggest and most profitable industries in the world, fast food restaurants have produced some real stinkers over the years.

For example — remember McDonald’s Hula Burger? It was a burger that, instead of having a beef patty, had a large piece of grilled pineapple, a slice of cheese and lettuce on the inside. Who the heck thought that was appetizing?

From weird, to flavorless, to downright disgusting, below are some of fast food’s biggest fails.

13 Fast Food Fails You Probably Forgot About:

1. Burger King’s Pumpkin Burger

As much as I hate to admit it, pumpkin things are good. When fall rolls around, I look forward to a Pumpkin Spice Latte (or 10) and a piece of pumpkin bread — but a pumpkin burger?

2. McDonald’s McSpaghetti

Somehow, this product is pretty popular in certain areas of the world — namely the Philippines — and even has a bit of a cult following.

But, in the U.S., this dish failed miserably.

3. Taco Bell’s Taco Burger

I get it — a taco-burger hybrid sounds pretty damn good. But, Taco Bell’s Bell Beefers were a total fail… Mainly because they left you feeling gross, greasy and 1,000 pounds heavier.

Also, was this before their “think outside the bun” campaign, or?

Taco Bell

4. In-n-Out’s 100 x 100 Burger

Cramming 100 burger patties in between two buns is never a good idea.


5. McDonald’s McPizza

First of all, no one wants to go to McDonald’s for pizza — ever. Second of all, it took 10 or more minutes to cook, which defeats the purpose of going to a fast food restaurant.

6. Jack in the Box’s Frings

It was literally a bag with fries and onion rings in it.

7. Pizza Hut’s Priazzo

This was Pizza Huts take on Chicago deep dish pizza. While it didn’t necessarily taste bad, the company spent $15 million and didn’t make much in return. Plus, it took forever to cook.

8. Dairy Queen’s Moolatte

This was a decent product, but guys — the name! The name was the problem.

Dairy Queen

9. Taco Bell’s Frito Burrito

Taco Bell

10. McDonald’s McLobster

This is basically a hot dog bun stuffed with “lobster,” lettuce and sauce.

Much like the McRib, this sandwich appears every once in a while at select locations across the country, only to vanish weeks later. As a whole, it doesn’t see much success.

Currently, it’s only available in parts of New England and eastern Canada.

11. KFC’s Double Down

I’m not really sure what their goal was here — but if I’m not into eating bread, I’m probably not into eating fried chicken… As bread.


12. McDonald’s Hula Burger

In order to lure Catholic customers who didn’t eat meat on Fridays, McDonald’s created the hula burger — which was grilled pineapple and cheese on a bun. Yum?


13. Burger King’s Enormous Omelet Sandwich

This was just way too much. And, the cholesterol was through the roof.


14. Taco Bell’s Seafood Salad

In the 1980s, Taco Bell tried to diversify their menu with this number. But, something about eating seafood at Taco Bell didn’t sit well with customers — and by that I mean a lot of people got food poisoning.