7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Loves #DemoDay (and All Projects)

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If your dad loves fixing stuff or tearing stuff up to fix it later, he’s probably a little easier to shop for than most and a little more fun, too– because if you get him a new tool, he will come over and help you complete a project!

7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Dad Who Loves #DemoDay (and All Projects):

1. Folding Workbench

A portable workbench makes it easier for your dad to travel to his projects (your house).

2. Heavy Duty Radio

Dads love stuff they actually can’t break. And it doubles as a weather radio, which dads also love.

3. Stand Alone Flashlight

Has a child ever actually held a flashlight where their dad asked them to?

4. Tool Bag

A cool hip tool bag for a helpful dad. It’s functional too.

5. #DemoDay Shirt

Your dad will go so many compliments on his shirt he’ll never take it off.

6. Duck Tape

Patterns! So, when he fixes your car bumper it’ll blend in a little more.

7. Complete “Home Improvement” Series

The original DIY dad.