Finnish Brewery Created the First 1000-Pack of Beer and Lots of People Want One


Have you ever bought a six pack and thought, “Man, this just isn’t enough. I need at least 994 more cans of beer.” Well, if so, you need to slow your roll or move to Finland.

Why? Because a Finnish brewery Keisari recently has decided to grant your wish. To celebrate their 100th birthday, Keisari created the world’s first 1000-pack. Yes, 1,000 beers. So, remember the song “99 Bottles of Beer on The Wall?” This is like that, but still way more.

Essentially, they are selling pallets of beer in grocery stores. Bring your pallet jack.

The 1000-pack costs 2,150 euros ( $2,340 USD), which some people might think would be prohibitive. But, damn, those Finns love their beer. To the surprise of no one, three bros blew their rent money on the novelty case. They spent just over $700 a piece for the honor of having everyone they’ve ever met say, “Dude, c’mon, just one. You have 1,000, like, why can’t I have just one?”

The old man on the right didn’t buy the beers. I think he just loves taking pictures.

This next one is my favorite. Just look at this picture.

The Lone Wolf, I’ll call him, went rogue and got one for himself. Look at his face. He knows he’s about to be the king of Finland. That, or, he’s going to use it for a magic trick. He’s got that magician look. Ponytails don’t lie.

The woman checking him out is done for the day. She thinks the 1,000-pack is a waste of Euros and knows this dude is about to invite her to help him drink it. She doesn’t get paid enough to put up with this mess.

Oh Finns, living above the arctic circle with your Nokia phones. You crazy. But, I love you.

And yes, this guy is wearing a sweatshirt/hat with a picture of his sunglasses on them while cuddling with a penguin on a 1,000-pack of beer.

Finland 4 lyfe.