Five Delicious Variations on Classic Sweet Tea

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Sweet tea is a classic Southern drink, the type that you simply have to have available in the fridge at all times. If you really want to go above and beyond and give your friends something besides the “old standard,” you’ll want to try one of the many ways to add some new depth of flavor to this classic drink.

The basic recipe (and there are many variations of this) calls for three cups of water, two large, family-sized tea bags, and ¾ of a cup of sugar (though a full cup is sometimes recommended). Once brewed, adding seven additional cups of cold water to the mix completes the drink.

Check out the following delicious variations on this true classic, refreshing drink.

Cherry Ginger Infused Tea

For a tart take on sweet tea, try this combination from called Cherry Ginger Infused Tea. It combines fresh ginger, lemon, and pitted cherries to create a tart, but refreshing drink. The bright red coloring of it makes it a definite showstopper when used for a tasty compliment to a summer buffet.

Blackberry Sweet Tea

The addition of tart blackberries, including a few macerated in this tea, is sure to give you a unique flavor spin. It’s especially great in season and is a good tea for a savory meal when traditional sweet tea is simply too basic. Choose this version from

Mint Julep Sweet Tea

Mint and tea go together very well, and that is clear with this unique blend. It is, in fact, a very popular choice for those in the South. This iced cocktail isn’t one for those who are younger, since it includes a cup of bourbon in your favorite sweet tea (with some mint sprigs and lemon). However, it is the ideal drink for a hot summer night. offers the perfect recipe.

Citrus Sweet Tea

No matter the type of citrus you have on hand, the addition of citrus to your tea makes sense. It adds enough tang to give you a nice bite and depth of flavor. You can use a combination of flavors here to create even more complexity. Combine pineapple, orange, lemon juice, a few cloves and sweet tea for an outstanding combination of flavor. Choose this recipe from

Cut the Sweet

It doesn’t have to be a bad thing to pull back on some of the sugar in this tea. It is still refreshing and can give you more opportunity to add small elements of flavor into the mix. For example, a tea with only ½ cup of sugar or less and a few slices of lemon, lime or orange gives you a fragrant, relaxing drink to enjoy. offers a good recipe.

Of course, you can also use sweet tea in some great recipes, including as a marinade on your seafood or an incredible addition in baked goods. There’s simply many ways to enjoy this refreshing drink. How do you like your Southern sweet tea?

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