Chip and Joanna Designed Their First-Ever Loft Apartment on “Fixer Upper” and It Was Gorgeous


Fixer Upper” is coming to an end right before our eyes, and while we’re still prematurely mourning the loss, Chip and Jo’s final season has been nothing short of perfect.

They’ve taken on a lot of firsts this season– they did their first-ever build from scratch, had their first-ever proposal following a home reveal, had a special appearance from our former first lady Laura Bush, and had help from Tim Tebow on a build. Now, they can check renovate a downtown loft apartment off their bucket list, too.


The loft came with an amazing view of downtown Waco, but had a pretty lackluster interior.

Chip and Joanna, who were designing the apartment for Catherine Ballas, co-founder of the nationally recognized fitness program, wanted to create a space that allowed more natural light to flow, giving it a mid-modern, urban feel.

They removed two walls and replaced them with a metal-and-glass combo to give it a more industrial feel.

Joanna made the entryway feel more intentional, working around the existing interior wall that they couldn’t remove. She added in a modern fireplace and a foyer bench.

In the master bedroom, Joanna designed an accent wall as opposed to a headboard, making the most of a small space.

As far as the kitchen, let me just say this: When I die, bury me in it.

You can check out more before and after pictures from the renovation here. In April, HGTV will begin airing Joanna’s “Fixer Upper” spinoff, “Behind The Design,” where she’ll show us more detail about the houses designed this season, and we can’t wait to watch!

While their show is coming to a close, the Gaines’ are keeping themselves plenty busy! The two recently opened their restaurant in Waco, Magnolia Table, and they are expecting their fifth child together– and Chip just spilled the beans on the gender! Overall, we can’t wait to see what’s ahead for the duo.