Forget Socks and Underwear, It’s Time to Give the Gift of Salsa This Christmas

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No need to send boring gifts to your friends this year. Send them something unique like a 4-pack of gourmet salsa. Imagine your loved one opening up a gift card or a package of socks as their Christmas treat from you.

Now, imagine them opening up a four-pack of this delicious gourmet salsa.

Exactly. You gotta go with the salsa.


The four-pack comes with four different flavors, each unique in their boldness, but all delicious.

1. Original Recipe

This salsa is a robust blend of rich, earthy seasonings packs a rustic concentration of bold flavors. Smooth, luscious consistency. Pairs well with braised or slow-cooked meats, roasted vegetables, chili, stew & soup. Who could resist that?

2. Fire Roasted

This one has mesquite fire roasted tomatoes are balanced with a blend of poblano, serrano & jalapeno chiles for subtle smokiness. Smooth with bits of tomato & finely diced chiles. Pairs well with bacon, pork, pinto beans, black beans, burgers, soup, chili & avocados.

3. Black Bean & Corn

Crisp sweet corn & creamy black beans combine to deliver a bright acidic flavor. Hearty with whole beans & corn. Pairs well with salad, chili, soup, slow-cooker meals, rice, pasta, grilled or sauteed fish & chicken.

4. House

Fresh tomatoes are balanced with a punch of blue agave, serrano chiles & warm cumin. Smooth & light with bits of tomato. Pairs well with eggs, queso, enchiladas, quesadillas, tacos, avocados, fish & warm buttered tortillas.

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Image Source: BigStock