Be Careful Not To Trip Over A Gator Snout While Ice Skating This Winter


Whether you like reptiles or not, you have to feel bad for them this winter. The recent winter storms are less than kind to cold-blooded. Most of us don’t think about what happens to snakes or alligators in the cold, but when you come across a toothy snout sticking out of the ice, it’s hard not to wonder what’s going on.

Southerners around North Carolina swamps were baffled to find alligator snouts sticking out of frozen ponds. Imagine tripping over one of these.

But these gators aren’t dead, their brumating, a kind of reptilian hibernation. As soon as the ice melts and the water warms up, the gators will go right back to their normal behavior.

Iguanas do something similar, but less safe. They turn gray, freeze, and then fall out of trees.

Authorities caution residents not to handle the lizards which are very much alive.

One Florida man loaded up his truck with the iguanas, thinking he had found dinner. But once the truck warmed up, the iguanas woke up and, well, it did not go well for him.

As always, don’t touch wild reptiles, whether they are frozen or not.