Harvest Moon Is The Third Best Moon; Full Moons Ranked From Best To Worst

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The Autumn Equinox is nearly upon us, and that can only mean one thing: tonight’s full moon is the Harvest Moon! It also happens to be a supermoon, which means that if you’re in the mood for an after hours stroll in nature, tonight is your best bet.

Here is a definitive list of the best full moons our planet has to offer.

Full Moons Ranked From Best To Worst:

1. Wolf Moon

The best moon of the year belongs to January, because it’s called the Wolf Moon. This is the coolest and most awesome sounding moon by a mile. Wolf Moon. It also inspired one of the most fearsome t-shirt designs ever, pictured below with the sleeves inexplicably not cut off.


2. Hunter Moon

Ahh, October’s Moon. I don’t know anything about hunting, but every October I like to go “hunting” for corn mazes and pumpkin patches.

3. Harvest Moon

Need I say more?

4. Worm Moon

Worm Moon belongs to the month of March. As things start to thaw out, the worms come up out of the ground. Seems kind of gross, but worms are an essential part of our eco-system, so much respect to those little guys.

5. Beaver Moon

My apologies to the Beaver Moon fans (Beaver Believers) who think this should be higher on the list. This November full moon pays homage to all the beavers that are hunted for their warm pelts they selflessly give us heading in to the winter.

6. Snow Moon

Snow Moon is called so because it belongs to February, which is when most snowfall occurs in our hemisphere. Kids absolutely go nuts for snow days as we all know, and this is why we see so many kids clamoring for the annual Snow Moon.


7. Corn Moon

Corn is commonly regarded as one of the best sources for making popcorn, which sadly is one of its only uses. The corn moon is found in the month of September, when corn “stalks” are harvested.

8. Flower Moon

The Flower Moon rises in—you guessed it—May. This moon presides over the blooming of North America’s most popular flowers. This was also known as the milk moon at one point.

9. Cold Moon

December’s Moon is the Cold Moon. What’s funny is that we never get to see the dark side of the moon, and as you can imagine, temperatures there are absolutely frigid. Temperatures there can reach -253 degrees F.

10. Strawberry Moon

They easily could have slapped June Moon on this one and called it a day, because it’s catchy and it rhymes. But they didn’t. Instead they paid homage to the classic red berry we all know and love, the strawberry.

11. Full Buck Moon

If you try to say July’s full moon too quickly or carelessly, you end up saying a pretty naughty word. But no matter, deers’ antlers sprout a lot during this month apparently.

12. Sturgeon Moon

The August moon is all about sturgeons, and I wasn’t sure what a sturgeon was until I looked it up and it’s the fish responsible for caviar. Seems a little snooty, so this moon is the caboose on this list.